CFTC Penalizes Operator of Fraudulent Bitcoin Trading Pool, Orders Restitution and Imposes Record Civil Penalty

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On September 8, 2023, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) took decisive action against Jacob Orvidas, the operator of a fraudulent Bitcoin trading pool. Orvidas had deceived investors by making false promises of substantial profits and security for their investments. The CFTC’s enforcement measures include restitution, a significant civil penalty, trading bans, and a cessation of fraudulent activities.

Deceptive Practices and False Promises

According to the CFTC, Jacob Orvidas engaged in deceptive practices by falsely representing his trading abilities and enticing investors with the prospect of substantial profits. He managed to solicit over $2 million from at least four investors by making grandiose claims about the potential returns on their investments. Orvidas assured investors that their funds would be safeguarded.

Losses and Cover-Up

However, the reality was starkly different. Orvidas suffered substantial losses while trading Bitcoin, losing nearly all of the money entrusted to him by investors. To hide these losses, he resorted to providing fake account statements to investors. When confronted about the inability to pay out earnings or return investments, Orvidas resorted to fabricating explanations.

CFTC’s Enforcement Measures

In response to these fraudulent activities, the CFTC has imposed the following enforcement measures:

  1. Restitution: Jacob Orvidas is required to pay back over $2 million in restitution to the affected investors. This is aimed at compensating them for their losses.
  2. Civil Penalty: Orvidas faces a record civil penalty of $500,000 for violating commodity trading laws. This penalty serves as a deterrent against fraudulent activities in the cryptocurrency market.
  3. Trading Ban: Jacob Orvidas is banned from registering or trading commodities for a period of ten years. This restriction prevents him from engaging in similar fraudulent schemes in the future.
  4. Cessation of Fraudulent Activities: Orvidas must cease all fraudulent activities immediately.

Protecting Investors and Combating Fraud

Director of Enforcement Ian McGinley emphasized the CFTC’s commitment to protecting ordinary people from fraudulent activities in the digital asset space. The agency is resolute in its efforts to combat fraud in all financial markets, including digital assets. This enforcement action against Jacob Orvidas underscores the CFTC’s dedication to upholding the integrity of commodity trading and ensuring that investors are safeguarded from deceptive practices.

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The CFTC’s actions against Jacob Orvidas serve as a reminder of the regulatory scrutiny facing the cryptocurrency market. Deceptive schemes and fraudulent activities can have severe consequences, as demonstrated by the substantial penalties and bans imposed on Orvidas. It is crucial for investors to exercise caution and conduct due diligence before engaging in cryptocurrency investments to protect themselves from potential scams and fraud.

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