Crypto Influencer Frankie Candles Departs from Hit Network Amid Ongoing Tensions

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The cryptocurrency community has been abuzz with news surrounding the departure of crypto influencer Frankie Candles from the Hit Network, following ongoing tensions with Ben Armstrong, the former face of the ‘BitBoy’ brand. In a recent announcement, Candles revealed his amicable departure from the network and his intention to establish his own company.

Frankie Candles’ Amicable Departure

On September 29, Frankie Candles took to social media to announce his decision to part ways with the Hit Network. He made it clear that his departure was not a result of the ongoing drama involving Ben Armstrong but rather a strategic move to further his growth and expansion within the cryptocurrency industry. Candles expressed his contentment with his deal at the Hit Network and emphasized that he had always been well-supported during his time there.

In his statement, Candles stated, “I have always been taken care of and I want to make that crystal clear! But people outgrow deals, and I knew when that point came that I would be able to renegotiate with no problem.” He also expressed gratitude to TJ Shedd, the CEO of Hit Network, and Armstrong for their support and guidance in establishing his presence in the crypto industry.

Armstrong’s Supportive Response

Ben Armstrong, who has been at the center of ongoing tensions within the Hit Network, responded to Candles’ announcement with support. Armstrong shared Candles’ post and commented, “Happy for Frank. Also, I approve this decision so when I take back over, Frank will get to keep his channel 100%.”

Ongoing Tensions

The departure of Frankie Candles comes amidst escalating tensions between Ben Armstrong and the Hit Network. Armstrong was removed from his ‘BitBoy’ brand by the network, citing allegations of substance abuse and financial misconduct. Armstrong responded by initiating legal proceedings against the Hit Network, claiming his ownership stake as the basis for his challenge to the network’s decision.

In addition to the legal battle, Armstrong appealed to his followers for financial support to cover the expenses associated with his legal action. Recent reports also indicated that Armstrong faced arrest on September 26 on allegations of loitering around the residence of his former colleague, Carlos Diaz, who Armstrong claimed possesses his Lamborghini. The incident was live-streamed, garnering attention from viewers.

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The departure of Frankie Candles from the Hit Network serves as another chapter in the ongoing drama involving Ben Armstrong and the network. While Candles’ exit appears to be amicable and driven by a desire for personal growth, tensions persist between Armstrong and the Hit Network, with legal battles and public disputes continuing to unfold. The cryptocurrency community watches closely as these events unfold, reflecting the challenges and complexities of the industry and its prominent personalities.

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