Sophie Turner’s Lawsuit Over Kids Return to the UK

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Actress Sophie Turner has made headlines with her lawsuit requesting the return of her and Joe Jonas’ children to the U.K. This legal move comes approximately one year after she jokingly discussed her desire to return to her hometown in England. Amidst her recent legal battle and divorce proceedings, her earlier comments about missing the U.K. have resurfaced.

A Year of Change:

Sophie Turner filed the lawsuit on September 21, 2023, which raises questions given her remarks from May 2022 when she expressed her longing to return to England. At that time, she mentioned that she was gradually persuading her husband, Joe Jonas, to consider relocating. She emphasized the importance of being close to her friends and family for her mental well-being and her desire for her children to receive an education and school life similar to her upbringing in Chesterton, Warwickshire, England.

The Split and Legal Battle:

On September 5, 2023, it was reported that Joe Jonas had filed for divorce from Sophie Turner after four years of marriage. The divorce petition indicated shared parental responsibility for their children. However, the situation took a contentious turn when Turner filed a lawsuit, alleging that Jonas was wrongfully detaining their children in New York City, despite an alleged agreement to make England their “forever home.” She claimed Jonas had the children’s passports and was refusing to return them or allow them to travel overseas.

Response and Denial:

In response to the lawsuit, Joe Jonas’ representative issued a statement denying the allegations. The representative characterized the situation as an unfortunate legal disagreement about a marriage ending and disputed the use of terms like “abduction.” They asserted that the children had not been abducted and were currently with their mother. It was suggested that Turner’s motive for the claim was to move the divorce proceedings to the U.K. and permanently remove the children from the U.S.

Balancing Work and Family:

In her May 2022 interview, Sophie Turner discussed her efforts to bring elements of the U.K. into her family’s home life in the United States. She expressed her love for England, including its people and attitude, and her desire for her children to experience similar aspects of British life. She emphasized the importance of maintaining a work-life balance and discussed the challenges of her job, which often involves relocating.

Life in Miami:

Turner also mentioned her family’s life in Miami, highlighting the benefits of good weather and living by the water. She emphasized the need to keep their life as relaxed as possible and cherished their time together.


Sophie Turner’s lawsuit and legal battle with Joe Jonas have cast a spotlight on her desire for her children to experience life in England, her commitment to maintaining a work-life balance, and the complexities of navigating a high-profile divorce. The legal proceedings are ongoing, and the outcome remains uncertain.

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