STORJ Price Surges to New Highs On Chain Analysis Points to Bullish Trends

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STORJ, the open-source cloud storage protocol, has made a remarkable comeback, reclaiming the $0.50 territory for the first time since September 2022. The surge in its price has garnered the attention of crypto enthusiasts and investors. This article explores the recent price rally, the underlying factors behind it, and what the future might hold for STORJ.

Understanding STORJ

STORJ is a decentralized cloud storage infrastructure that incentivizes users, also known as Space providers, to offer their storage capacity and bandwidth in exchange for STORJ tokens. It’s an innovative solution in the world of affordable and secure cloud storage.

The Recent 120% Price Rally

The recent surge in STORJ’s price, reaching a peak of $0.52 in 2023, has been driven by a combination of factors. Global demand for cost-effective cloud storage solutions has played a pivotal role. Additionally, significant capital investments from crypto whales have contributed to the price rally.

Crypto sleuth platforms, such as Lookonchain, have observed several whale wallets moving substantial quantities of STORJ tokens out of centralized exchanges and into long-term self-custody. This move not only enhances security and control for the investors but also reduces the available supply in the market.

Significant Exchange Outflows

Over the past month, four whale wallets withdrew a staggering 40.59 million STORJ tokens worth approximately $20 million from exchanges. This move represents a significant portion of the total circulation supply, accounting for approximately 9%. The reduction in market supply has played a crucial role in the 120% price rally witnessed in the last 30 days.

Potential for Future Gains

If the trend of reducing exchange supply continues, STORJ could experience further price gains. Other strategic investors have followed suit, mirroring the trend of whale wallet exchange outflows. This alignment indicates growing confidence in STORJ’s long-term potential and its ability to command a higher price in the market.

Historical Data Trends

Historical on-chain data trends suggest a promising future for STORJ. Similar outflows were observed in March 2021 and September 2023, preceding significant price gains in both instances. If history is any indicator, STORJ holders may expect another upward surge in the weeks ahead.

Price Predictions

STORJ’s price prediction remains optimistic. The Global In/Out of Money Around Price (GIOM) data indicates a neutral price consolidation, with STORJ currently trading between two significant support and resistance clusters. However, the recent increase in exchange outflows may favor the bulls, potentially driving the price beyond $0.60 and towards $0.70.

It’s worth noting that certain holders may decide to sell when the price surpasses $0.60, as they have been holding at a loss for over a year. However, the confidence inspired by the exchange outflows may encourage them to hold out for even higher gains.

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On the flip side, bears may attempt to gain control if the price dips below $0.30. But with a cluster of addresses having bought at the minimum price of $0.45 and the recent surge in exchange outflows, the potential for a swift rebound remains a possibility.


STORJ’s recent price rally is a testament to its growing popularity as a decentralized cloud storage solution. With increasing global demand, capital investments from crypto whales, and a significant reduction in exchange supply, the future looks promising for STORJ. As historical data trends suggest, the cryptocurrency may well continue to surge in the weeks ahead, with a target of $0.70 within reach. Nonetheless, the cryptocurrency market can be volatile, and investors should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions.

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