Novo Nordisk’s Wegovy Demonstrates Significant Cardiovascular Benefits, Paving the Way for Expanded Approval

In a groundbreaking development presented at the American Heart Association’s annual conference in Philadelphia, Novo Nordisk’s weight-loss drug, Wegovy, has exhibited compelling cardiovascular benefits, potentially reshaping the landscape of heart disease treatment.

Cardiovascular Benefits in High-Risk Population

Novo Nordisk revealed details from a pivotal study showcasing Wegovy’s ability to reduce heart attacks and strokes in obesity patients with a history of cardiovascular disease. Those taking the highest dose of Wegovy experienced notable drops in blood sugar levels and inflammation, key indicators of heart disease. This correlated with a remarkable 20% reduction in cardiovascular events, as reported in August. Notably, the study participants did not have diabetes, yet two-thirds began with prediabetic blood sugar levels, indicating a heightened risk of heart disease.

Weight Loss and Additional Health Gains

The study encompassed a highly vulnerable population, with three-quarters of participants having experienced previous heart attacks and a quarter facing heart failure. Wegovy not only contributed to weight loss in trial participants but also showcased significant reductions in blood pressure, reinforcing its potential as a comprehensive heart treatment alongside statins and blood pressure therapies.

Expert Perspectives and Industry Impact

Experts, including Eugene Yang, the chair of the American College of Cardiology’s prevention section, deemed the results “game-changing.” As heart disease remains a leading cause of death globally, the potential of Wegovy to prevent major adverse cardiovascular events is particularly significant.

Novo Nordisk plans to seek expanded U.S. approval for using Wegovy to reduce the risk of such events in adults with a body mass index (BMI) of 27 or higher and established cardiovascular disease. The drug has already experienced a surge in demand, with its sales increasing over 700% last quarter.

Challenges in Access and Cost Considerations

Despite the promising results, the cost of these weight-loss drugs, including Wegovy and the newly approved Zepbound by Eli Lilly, remains a concern. With monthly list prices exceeding $1,000, accessibility becomes a barrier, according to experts. A Bloomberg analysis suggests that, at list prices, preventing one heart attack or cardiovascular death with Wegovy would cost $3.8 million, raising questions about widespread access.


Novo Nordisk’s Wegovy has emerged not only as a powerful weight-loss drug but also as a potential game-changer in cardiovascular care. The study results underline the drug’s multifaceted impact, encompassing weight loss, blood sugar control, and anti-inflammatory effects. As the pharmaceutical landscape evolves, the challenge will be to balance the evident health benefits with the economic considerations that may limit broader accessibility.

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