Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Graciously Embrace Financial Loss for Wrexham Football Club

In a candid and humorous moment on their show “Welcome to Wrexham,” Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney openly discussed the substantial financial losses incurred by their ownership of Wrexham Football Club. The co-chairmen of the club showed their good sportsmanship as they tackled the topic.

During the episode that premiered on October 31, McElhenney jokingly said, “Let’s talk about how much money we’re losing,” with Reynolds chiming in to echo his co-chairman’s sentiment. The executive director of Wrexham AFC, Humphrey Ker, initially didn’t disclose an exact figure, playfully stating that it was “loads” of money.

Reynolds probed further, humorously asking for a quantification of “loads.” Shaun Harvey, Wrexham Advisor to the Board, estimated that the losses exceeded £10 million, which converts to more than $12 million.

Upon hearing the actual figure, Reynolds quipped, “I’m gonna go throw up.” Harvey explained that if they were to sell Wrexham AFC at that moment, they would receive “far more” than £10 million.

The episode delved into their commitment to the club, with McElhenney jokingly asking, “Let’s just say we’re in it for the rest of our lives. At what point do I get paid?” Harvey emphasized that Wrexham’s promotion to a higher league would ultimately allow them to generate income. As a spoiler alert, the club was promoted to the English Football League in April, marking a significant achievement after a 15-year hiatus.

“The value that’s coming from the global appeal we’ve been able to create is going to offset those additional costs that we’ve created,” Harvey continued. “The biggest thing that’s going to change on promotion … people can see the value of ‘Welcome to Wrexham.’ They can see the value of the profile that’s being built. That’s when the additional sponsorship revenue can be generated.”

In addition to their financial discussions, the episode featured Wrexham facing their arch-rival, Notts County. The intense game ended with Wrexham emerging victorious with a 3-2 score.

Reynolds and McElhenney celebrated the win, calling it the “greatest moment” of their lives, aside from their families. They were also humorously willing to “kiss Ben Foster on the mouth,” referring to the team’s goalkeeper.

The co-chairmen’s dedication to Wrexham was further acknowledged as they were honored with the Freedom of the Borough Award from the Wrexham council. McElhenney expressed his gratitude for the recognition, emphasizing football’s power to unite people and create connections worldwide.

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Reynolds echoed these sentiments, describing football as a “great unifier” and expressing his deep appreciation for being accepted into the Wrexham community.

“Welcome to Wrexham” continues to provide viewers with an inside look into the dynamic world of football ownership and the unique journey of Reynolds and McElhenney as they navigate the challenges and triumphs of their role as co-chairmen.

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