Three Reasons to Be Bullish Ripple Trend Amid Legal Battle and Caution on Escrow System

Ripple (XRP) presents a complex scenario for investors, with reasons for optimism amid legal challenges and a cautionary note regarding its escrow system. Here are three compelling reasons to be bullish about Ripple, along with a cautious consideration:

1. Legal Tussle’s Silver Lining:

  • Recent developments in the SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit, including a critical scheduling order, suggest key dates to watch.
  • Noteworthy analysis by crypto lawyer John Deaton indicates that Ripple’s focus on remedies rather than fraud allegations could limit financial penalties to profits gained from alleged wrongdoing.
  • Deaton emphasizes that Ripple might not pay the full $770 million sought by the SEC, potentially leading to a less severe outcome for XRP holders.
  • The nuanced approach to penalties instills a sense of optimism among XRP holders.

2. Championing Financial Inclusion:

  • James Wallis, Ripple’s VP for central bank engagements, highlights the role of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) in enhancing global financial inclusion.
  • CBDCs can provide low-cost financial services to the underbanked, especially in regions with limited traditional banking access.
  • Ripple’s involvement in over 20 global CBDC initiatives positions it as a leader in leveraging digital currency for economic inclusivity.
  • Commitment to breaking financial barriers adds to Ripple’s credibility and potential global impact.

3. Expanding Remittance Services in Asia:

  • SBI Remit, a subsidiary of Japan’s SBI Holdings, expands remittance services using Ripple’s XRP in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia.
  • The partnership with Ripple aims to facilitate quicker, more cost-effective money transfers in Southeast Asian markets.
  • By leveraging XRP as a bridge currency, SBI Remit positions itself as a pioneer in utilizing crypto for cross-border transactions, reinforcing Ripple’s standing in the remittance industry.

Caution: The Escrow System:

  • Ripple’s introduction of an escrow system in December 2017 raised concerns as it set aside 55 billion XRP in a series of escrows released monthly over 55 months.
  • The final tranche, potentially released in December 2023, could impact XRP’s market stability, with the circulating supply exceeding demand levels.
  • The escrow system, designed for stability, introduces a variable that may influence XRP’s market dynamics as the final release approaches.


While Ripple’s legal developments, commitment to financial inclusion, and expansion in Asian remittance services offer reasons for optimism, caution is advised due to the potential impact of the escrow system on market stability. Investors should balance these bullish factors with an understanding of inherent risks in the volatile crypto market.

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