Digital Defies Bear Market, Plans Workforce Expansion and European Push in 2024

Amidst the prevailing bear market conditions,, a prominent Bitcoin exchange and infrastructure provider, is making bold moves to strengthen its position. The company, known for its early adoption of crypto technology, has announced plans to increase its workforce by 25% in the first quarter of 2024. Currently employing around 300 people, this move signals’s commitment to growth despite recent challenges in the crypto market.

In addition to expanding its team, is eyeing strategic expansion into Europe and emerging markets, particularly Nigeria and Turkey. The company aims to tap into the potential of these regions and enhance its presence on a global scale.

To facilitate its European expansion, has appointed Curtis Ting, the former head of global operations at Kraken. Ting will play a key role in establishing the company’s new hub in Paris and creating local entities across Europe. The move reflects’s strategic approach to operating in diverse regulatory environments and obtaining more local licenses. CEO Peter Smith acknowledged the recent shakeout in the crypto market, with companies facing challenges such as regulatory pressures and market fluctuations. He sees the current landscape as an opportunity to gain market share, estimating a 60-70% reduction in competition compared to the end of 2021.

Despite challenges in 2022, including significant workforce reductions and the closure of its asset management division, remains resilient. In November, the company successfully closed a $110 million funding round led by UK-based Kingsway Capital. is also diversifying its offerings and partnerships. On December 14, the company announced collaborations with TRON and Changelly as the first partners to integrate its Pay solution. This mobile payments application leverages the company’s liquidity and infrastructure, signaling a commitment to advancing payment solutions in the crypto space.

Furthermore, is making strides in decentralized trading, particularly in Nigeria. The integration of cross-chain swaps into its decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator aims to provide benefits such as enhanced liquidity, reduced slippage, and access to a wider variety of crypto assets for the Nigerian crypto trading community.

In summary,’s proactive measures, including workforce expansion, international expansion, and strategic partnerships, underscore its resilience and commitment to navigating the complexities of the evolving crypto market.

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