Trolls 3 Band Together a Triumphant Third Act Filled with Music, Adventure, and Nostalgia

DreamWorks’ animated “Trolls” series returns for its third installment, and it doesn’t disappoint. With its adorable characters, irresistible charm, and a market strategy that appeals to both millennials and parents, the latest addition is deemed the best of the trilogy. This review explores the movie’s endearing qualities, clever in-jokes, and the seamless integration of music that sets it apart.

Trolls Through the Years: The first “Trolls” movie, inspired by the popular dolls from the ’60s, introduced a candy-colored world of music and joy. The sequel, “Trolls World Tour,” explored diverse troll communities and music genres. The third film, “Trolls Band Together,” recognizes that some villains require more than cheerfulness to change. All three movies cleverly utilize beloved pop songs, vibrant designs, and a charming storyline.

Musical Nostalgia and In-Jokes: The movie caters to millennials with in-jokes about boy bands and a sprinkling of songs connecting them to their ’90s high school and college years. The title itself, “Trolls Band Together,” cleverly nods to the world of bands, including a humorous flashback to a boy band era featuring Justin Timberlake’s character. The use of pop songs, references to iconic boy bands, and clever wordplay add layers of enjoyment for both younger and older audiences.

Plot Overview: The plot revolves around rescuing Branch’s brother, Floyd, captured by a pop duo with nefarious intentions. To save him, Branch must reunite with his former boy band members, leading to delightful and imaginative new worlds. The varied animation styles, reminiscent of “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” enhance the storyline, showcasing the creative brilliance of “Trolls Band Together.”

Lessons and Supporting Characters: Amidst the adventure, the film imparts valuable lessons about sibling closeness and accountability. Endearing supporting characters, like Velvet’s assistant Crimp and Tiny Diamond, add depth and humor to the narrative. The addition of Camila Cabello’s character, Viva, introduces a connection to Poppy’s past, creating a dynamic subplot.

Conclusion: “Trolls Band Together” is a triumphant third act, offering a sunny, happy world filled with music, kindness, and community. The quick-paced adventure, exciting rescue scenes, and a soundtrack featuring both old favorites and new hits make it a delightful watch. With a runtime of 83 minutes, this installment continues the legacy of creating a feel-good space for audiences of all ages, making it a pleasant cinematic escape.