Anti Wrinkle Straws Emerge Amidst Concerns Over Lip Creases

In recent beauty news, a cautionary tale has emerged about the potential for straws to contribute to permanent lip wrinkles, sparking a new trend in anti wrinkle straws, notably introduced by the makers of the Stanley Tumbler.

The Stanley Tumbler has gained widespread popularity in the United States as a symbol of health-conscious hydration among the younger generation. However, amidst its appeal, concerns have arisen regarding the repeated use of its straw, prompting a discussion on lip wrinkles.

Lip wrinkles, also known as smoker’s lines or lipstick lines, are vertical furrows that form along and above the upper lip, as highlighted by Healthline. In response to this concern, a new trend has emerged on TikTok where users are turning to anti wrinkle straws as a means to preserve the appeal of a straw while mitigating the risk of lip creases.

Dr. Lara L Devgan, a member surgeon of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), confirmed to the New York Post the potential for repeated pursing and drinking through a straw to lead to the development of fine lines in the lip area. Devgan likened the skin to a piece of paper, explaining that repeated folding in the same pattern can result in etched lines that become progressively harder to eliminate.

While historically associated with smoking, Devgan clarified that these lines can occur in anyone, irrespective of smoking habits or straw usage, simply due to the repetitive pursing movement of the lips.

As concerns mount over the potential for straws to contribute to permanent lip wrinkles, individuals are encouraged to explore alternative hydration methods and consider the implications of their consumption habits on skin health.

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