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Discovering the Best Medium Alternatives for Making Money

Medium, with its clean design and active community, offers a platform for writers to showcase their talents and even make money through the Partner Program. However, due to intense competition and limitations on monetization, some writers may seek alternatives. In this guide, we explore the top Medium alternatives, each excelling in unique areas. Here’s a breakdown of the top contenders:

1. HubPages

Best For: Greater control over SEO and steady income opportunities.

Ease of Use: Modular interface, may take time to adapt.

Monetization Potential: Limited, requires substantial traffic.


  • Consistent monetization options (display ads, Amazon affiliate links).
  • Manual SEO control.
  • Modular writing interface for complex layouts.


  • Smaller built-in audience.
  • Higher payout threshold at $50.
  • Display ads may affect user engagement.

HubPages, a direct Medium alternative, provides SEO control and monetization through display ads and Amazon affiliates. While it lacks Medium’s audience, it incentivizes driving external traffic for greater earnings.

Pro Tip: Consider building your affiliate marketing website for higher income potential.

2. Vocal.Media

Best For: Cash-prize writing challenges and quick exposure.

Ease of Use: Simple, intuitive, easily navigable.

Monetization Potential: Decent through viral posts, writing challenges, and tips.


  • Predictable income with $3.80/1000 reads.
  • Writing challenges with cash prizes.
  • Clean, ad-free user experience.


  • Limited built-in audience.
  • Higher payout threshold at $35 (or $20 for Vocal+).

Vocal.Media offers cash-prize challenges and pays based on views. It’s ideal for writers seeking quick exposure and potential earnings through engaging content.

Pro Tip: Study previous challenge winners to understand what appeals to judges.

3. NewsBreak

Best For: News-style articles on local or national scale.

Ease of Use: Simple, intuitive, ad presence in UI.

Monetization Potential: Good through viral news content.


  • Top news app in Google Play Store.
  • Predictable earnings based on views.
  • Potential for news content to go viral.


  • Requirements for monetization application.
  • Limited content variety.
  • Ad presence in UI.

NewsBreak focuses on local and national news, offering good monetization potential through viral content.

Pro Tip: Craft catchy headlines and focus on trending topics for maximum earnings.

4. Steemit

Best For: Transparency and freedom.

Ease of Use: Requires understanding blockchain and crypto.

Monetization Potential: High earnings based on user engagement.


  • Rewards in STEEM cryptocurrency.
  • High engagement through incentivized interactions.
  • Complete transparency with public information.


  • Uses markdown formatting.
  • Steep learning curve for blockchain newcomers.
  • Earnings affected by STEEM coin value.

Steemit, utilizing blockchain and cryptocurrency, offers high earning potential through user engagement.

Pro Tip: Focus on catchy headlines to drive traffic and engaging posts for conversation.

5. Substack

Best For: Building a direct relationship with readers through newsletters.

Ease of Use: Clean, simple, easy to navigate; learning curve for analytics.

Monetization Potential: Huge through highly monetizable newsletters.


  • Direct connection with readers through newsletters.
  • Monetization via paid subscriptions.
  • Focused writing experience for newsletters.


  • Poor recommendation engine.
  • 10% platform fee on earnings.

Substack, a popular alternative, allows direct interaction with readers through newsletters and offers substantial monetization potential.

Pro Tip: Maximize subscribers by providing valuable and timely content.

6. Ghost

Best For: Creating a personalized blog for marketing and content distribution.

Ease of Use: Clean UI, requires hosting CMS platform.

Monetization Potential: Huge through selling paid subscriptions.


  • Full control over blog’s look and distribution.
  • In-depth analytics for content evaluation.
  • No removal of content.


  • No built-in audience.
  • Initial cost and technical knowledge required.

Ghost, an open-source platform, allows complete control over blogs and multiple monetization avenues.

Pro Tip: Optimize content for organic traffic using robust SEO features.

7. Write.As

Best For: Privacy and anonymous or pseudonymous content publishing.

Ease of Use: Clean, minimal, intuitive platform focused on writing.

Monetization Potential: Very limited, only microtips.


  • Pseudonymous publishing.
  • Microtransactions from readers.


  • Lacks content organization features.
  • Only paid accounts, starting at $6/month.

Write.As provides a distraction-free space for privacy-focused writing but has limited monetization potential.

Pro Tip: Ideal for quick and anonymous sharing of thoughts, rather than earning.

8. Tumblr

Best For: Audience engagement and multimedia content.

Ease of Use: Functions like a social media network.

Monetization Potential: None built-in, but allows third-party ads and affiliates.


  • Larger user base than Medium.
  • Powerful content recommendation algorithm.
  • Supports multimedia content.


  • No built-in monetization.
  • Lacks manual SEO features.

Tumblr, a social-sharing platform, emphasizes multimedia content and engagement but lacks built-in monetization.

Pro Tip: Concentrate on niche content and quality to build followers and indirectly increase earnings.

9. WordPress

Best For: Establishing a blog or website with extensive control.

Ease of Use: Feature-rich, requires learning curve and hosting.

Monetization Potential: Huge through affiliate marketing, ads, and e-commerce.


  • Extensive customization with themes and plugins.
  • Various monetization features.
  • Powerful SEO for organic traffic.


  • Technically complex with a learning curve.
  • Management responsibilities.

WordPress, the recommended platform, offers extensive customization and monetization options, building a valuable asset over time.

Pro Tip: Consider the learning curve as an investment in building a long-term, sellable asset.


While each alternative has unique strengths, WordPress stands out for writers aiming to earn substantial income and build a valuable asset. Building on someone else’s platform is discouraged for those prioritizing long-term success.

Pro Tip: Explore the free training on building a WordPress blog with insights from a decade of experience in blog creation and sales.

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