Elon Musk Vows to Rectify Tesla’s Last-Minute Cancellation of $16,000 Bakery Order

In a surprising turn of events, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has pledged to make amends with a San Jose bakery, “The Giving Pies,” after the company abruptly canceled a $16,000 pie order, leaving the small business in a financial bind.

The saga unfolded when Voahangy Rasetarinera, the owner of The Giving Pies, revealed on the bakery’s Facebook page that Tesla had ordered 2,000 mini-pies for a Black History Month celebration on Valentine’s Day. Rasetarinera, a beloved establishment in Silicon Valley, diligently worked on fulfilling the substantial order after it was authorized by a Tesla representative.

Despite the bakery’s efforts and Rasetarinera’s commitment, the situation took a distressing turn when Tesla failed to make the payment through its vendor, City Flavour. Rasetarinera’s inquiries regarding the payment were met with apologies and explanations of the vendor’s inexperience.

To compound the issue, Tesla then requested the order to be doubled to 4,000 mini-pies, to which Rasetarinera agreed in good faith. However, just as the pies were ready for dispatch, Tesla abruptly canceled the purchase, citing a decision from upper management.

The sudden cancellation left The Giving Pies facing a significant financial loss of approximately $16,000, prompting Rasetarinera to express her dismay on social media. “This abrupt reversal left me reeling, realizing the extent of the impact on my small business,” she lamented on the bakery’s Facebook page.

However, Elon Musk swiftly intervened, responding to the situation with a promise to rectify Tesla’s actions. “I just heard about this. Will make things good with the bakery,” Musk tweeted on his platform X, signaling his commitment to resolving the issue and supporting small businesses affected by Tesla’s decisions.

The incident serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by small businesses when dealing with large corporations and highlights the importance of accountability and rectification in business dealings. With Musk’s assurance to address the matter, The Giving Pies and its loyal customers remain hopeful for a positive resolution that reflects Tesla’s commitment to accountability and fair business practices.

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