Kate Middleton Eager to Resume Royal Duties Despite Recovery from Abdominal Surgery

Amidst reports of Prince Harry’s intentions to serve King Charles and the monarchy, Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, is reportedly eager to return to her royal duties despite undergoing abdominal surgery.

A royal source, speaking to In Touch Weekly, revealed that Kate Middleton is currently recuperating at home following the delicate surgery. However, despite the challenges of recovery, the future queen is keen to get back to work.

The insider shared insights into Middleton’s health journey, stating, “Kate didn’t anticipate how difficult it would be to get back on her feet. She wants to get back to work.” Despite being advised by doctors to take it easy and allow sufficient time for healing, Middleton is eager to resume her duties within the royal household.

The source further elaborated on Middleton’s recovery process, mentioning, “Kate Middleton is doing her best to take it easy.” However, the road to full recovery may be longer than initially anticipated, with doctors advising that she may not be fully active until at least Easter.

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The insider shed light on Middleton’s frustrations during her recovery period, stating, “On one hand, it’s been nice to rest, but having to sit by and watch others do her work has been frustrating.” Despite the enforced rest period, Middleton is keenly aware of her responsibilities and is eager to return to fulfilling her duties within the royal family.

As the princess continues her recovery journey, her determination to return to royal duties serves as a testament to her commitment to serving the monarchy and the people of the United Kingdom. With Prince Harry’s plans to serve King Charles on the horizon, Middleton’s anticipated return to her royal role adds another dimension to the ongoing developments within the British royal family.