Kate Middleton Named America’s Favorite Royal in New Survey

Amidst her recovery from abdominal surgery last month, Princess of Wales Kate Middleton has received heartening news from across the Atlantic. As she recuperates at Adelaide Cottage in Windsor Great Park, a recent survey from the United States has revealed that she and Prince William have secured the title of America’s favorite royals.

According to a report by the Daily Express, the survey conducted earlier this month showcased overwhelming support for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Kate Middleton, in particular, emerged as a beloved figure, with a staggering 45 percent of respondents expressing their admiration for her. With only 10 percent expressing a negative opinion, Middleton achieved a remarkable net approval rating of plus 35.

Her husband, Prince William, also garnered significant favor among American respondents, with a 43 percent approval rating and a net approval rating of plus 31.

In contrast, the survey indicated a decline in approval for Meghan Markle, despite recent engagements and the launch of a new website. Markle’s approval rating has reportedly dropped, signaling a shift in public sentiment.

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Currently, Kate Middleton is focusing on her recovery from planned abdominal surgery, surrounded by her family, including Prince William and their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. This positive news from the United States undoubtedly comes as a boost during her period of recuperation.

As the Duchess of Cambridge continues to garner international admiration for her grace, charm, and dedication to various causes, the survey results reaffirm her status as a beloved figure on the global stage.

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