Palace Refutes Kate Middleton Coma Conspiracy Theory, Affirms Health Updates

In response to circulating conspiracy theories regarding Princess Kate Middleton’s health, the palace has issued a statement debunking claims of a coma and reiterating updates on her recovery from abdominal surgery.

Following Middleton’s recent surgery, the palace has been providing regular updates to royal fans regarding her health as she recuperates at Adelaide Cottage.

However, speculation arose after a Spanish journalist alleged on a TV program that Middleton’s life was in jeopardy and she had been placed in an induced coma.

The resurgence of these unfounded claims coincided with Prince William’s unexpected withdrawal from a memorial service for his godfather, King Constantine of Greece, citing personal reasons. Concerned fans once again expressed worries over Middleton’s health, prompting Kensington Palace to reaffirm that she is “doing well” in her recovery.

Addressing the coma theory, Middleton’s team labeled the claims as “ludicrous” and emphasized that they were not verified by Kensington Palace. Palace insiders echoed this sentiment, dismissing the allegations as “total nonsense” and “fundamentally, totally made-up.”

The palace’s swift response aims to clear the air and reassure the public amidst heightened speculation surrounding Middleton’s health. As the royal family continues to navigate public scrutiny, the statement underscores the importance of accurate information and dispelling unfounded rumors.

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