Saudi Arabia Implements New Visa Policy for Travelers

The Saudi government has introduced a mandatory passport validity requirement for travelers entering the country. According to the new travel advisory issued by Saudi authorities, individuals coming to Saudi Arabia must possess a passport valid for a minimum of six months. This requirement applies to travelers on all types of visas, and airlines have been directed to enforce the rule by denying boarding to passengers with passports of less than six months’ validity.

The directive, communicated through Saawi Aviation to all airlines and travel agencies, is aimed at ensuring compliance with the new passport validity standard. Travelers are advised to check and renew their passports in advance to avoid any disruptions to their travel plans.

This decision comes in the wake of broader initiatives by Saudi Arabia to modernize its labor market and establish transparent relationships between employers and foreign domestic workers. In the previous year, the country introduced new regulations governing the issuance of work visas for foreign domestic workers, focusing on individuals aged 24 and above. The move is part of efforts to foster a more mature and responsible workforce in the domestic sector.

Eligibility for work visas is now contingent upon the financial capacity of the employer, and specific groups, including Saudi citizens, Gulf nationals, foreign wives of Saudi men and their mothers, and holders of Saudi premium residency permits, are eligible to apply. The Musaned platform, developed by the Ministry of Human Resources, plays a crucial role in this transformation, offering services such as visa applications, recruitment requests, and employment relationship management through a comprehensive digital system. The platform also facilitates the digital transfer of wages using apps like STC Pay and Urpay.

These recent measures reflect Saudi Arabia’s commitment to modernizing its travel and labor frameworks, enhancing transparency, and fostering responsible employment practices. Travelers and stakeholders are encouraged to stay informed about these developments to ensure smooth compliance with the latest regulations.

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