Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore Partially Collapses After Vessel Collision

In a shocking turn of events early Tuesday morning, a section of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, collapsed following a collision with a large container boat. Reports emerged around 1:30 a.m., detailing a harrowing incident where a vessel crashed into the bridge, engulfing it in flames and causing multiple vehicles to plummet into the Patapsco River below.

Petty Officer Matthew West from the Coast Guard in Baltimore confirmed that the collision involved a container ship flying under a Singapore flag named “Dali.” According to Marine Traffic and Vessel Finder maps and data, the vessel was en route from Baltimore to Colombo, Sri Lanka, marking a catastrophic interruption to its journey.

The Maryland Transportation Authority swiftly responded to the incident, closing all lanes in both directions on the bridge and implementing detours via I-95 and I-895 to manage traffic diversion.

Baltimore Mayor Brendon Scott promptly addressed the situation, expressing awareness and mobilizing city and state leaders to the scene of the bridge. “Emergency personnel are on scene, and efforts are underway,” Mayor Scott affirmed in a social media post, underscoring the urgency and gravity of the situation.

As authorities work tirelessly to assess the extent of the damage and coordinate rescue efforts, the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of critical infrastructure and the potential consequences of maritime accidents. With emergency responders at the forefront, the city of Baltimore braces for a concerted response to this unforeseen and devastating incident.

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