Gary Goldsmith Predicts Kate Middleton’s Pick for Celebrity Big Brother Winner Amid His Swift Exit

In a surprising revelation following his early eviction from Celebrity Big Brother, Gary Goldsmith, the uncle of Princess Kate Middleton, openly shares his prediction on whom the Duchess of Cambridge would support to win the competition.

The 58-year-old entrepreneur, and younger sibling of Carole Middleton, exited the Celebrity Big Brother house after a brief five-day stint. During his exit interview on Celebrity Big Brother: Late & Live, Goldsmith expressed admiration for fellow contestant Levi Roots, describing him as a “super-human” and a “legend.”

Goldsmith emphasized his respect for Roots, stating, “I have all the respect for him as a human being, and I just know if he were to win, he will use that power for good, for other people, as opposed to self-care development, and earning more money.”

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When asked about whether he believes Kate Middleton would share the same sentiment, Goldsmith responded confidently, “100 per cent. Somebody who puts other people first, and that’s our Kate.”

This unexpected insight into Kate Middleton’s potential preference adds a new dimension to the ongoing Celebrity Big Brother competition, offering a glimpse into the royal family’s opinions on the show’s contestants. As the competition progresses, fans may watch to see if Kate’s rumored favorite, Levi Roots, secures victory in the eyes of the public and the royal family alike.

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