Kate Middleton and Prince William Not Eager to Assume Throne Immediately

In a recent revelation, renowned royal expert Lady Colin Campbell has provided insights into the aspirations of Kate Middleton and Prince William regarding their roles within the monarchy. Contrary to expectations, Campbell suggests that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are not eager to ascend to the throne at this moment.

In an interview with Mujer Hoy, Campbell discussed various aspects of the Royal Family, including King Charles III’s health and the Princess of Wales’ recovery from abdominal surgery. Refuting rumors of a coma related to the Princess’s surgery, Campbell emphasized the importance of privacy and the risk of infection following such procedures.

“The Princess of Wales has never been in a coma,” Campbell asserted, dispelling misinformation surrounding the surgery. “What many people do not understand is that when you undergo abdominal surgery, the risk of infection is enormous.”

Regarding the succession, Campbell expressed doubts about Prince William and Middleton’s desire for immediate accession to the throne. Despite acknowledging their readiness to fulfill their duties if necessary, Campbell noted that neither of them is actively seeking to become king or queen at this time.

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“Kate doesn’t want to be queen right now either. Neither of them do,” Campbell explained. “But if the situation were forced upon them by whatever circumstances, and William were to accede to the Throne, I’m sure they are quite prepared to do it. What’s more, they would do it very well.”

Campbell’s insights offer a unique perspective on the aspirations and priorities of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge within the Royal Family. While they remain committed to their royal duties, it appears that they are content to await their turn for succession, focusing on their current roles and responsibilities in the interim.