Kate Middleton’s Trooping the Colour Appearance Details Deleted Amid Speculations

Recent developments surrounding Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, have sparked intrigue and speculation among royal enthusiasts. News of her upcoming appearance to review the Trooping the Colour in June was unexpectedly removed from the Army website, reportedly at the behest of the Royal Family.

The decision to delete the details of Middleton’s appearance has only intensified rumors and theories surrounding her recent absence from public events following abdominal surgery.

Despite TMZ sharing a photo that purportedly shows Middleton in public post-surgery, speculation has persisted, with some suggesting the woman in the photo may be Middleton’s sister, Pippa Middleton, or a body double.

Adding to the mystery, royal expert Cameron Walker revealed that Kensington Palace was not consulted about the British Army’s announcement regarding Middleton’s appearance at the Trooping the Colour event.

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Walker emphasized that Middleton’s attendance at the event is not guaranteed at this stage, raising questions about the decision-making process within the Royal Family.

As speculation continues to swirl, royal followers eagerly await further clarification from Kensington Palace regarding Middleton’s upcoming commitments and public appearances.

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