Kate Middleton’s Uncle Recounts First Meeting with Prince William Ahead of Celebrity Big Brother Debut

Gary Goldsmith, the uncle of Duchess Kate Middleton, is set to make his television debut on the upcoming season 23 of ‘Celebrity Big Brother UK,’ and he’s already generating buzz with his playful demeanor. In a promotional video released on Monday, Gary shared anecdotes about his royal connections, including his first encounter with Prince William.

Describing himself as “the uncle to the future queen of our country,” Gary began the clip with effusive praise for his niece, Kate Middleton, the current Princess of Wales, calling her “simply perfect.” He then recounted a casual interaction with Prince William, reminiscing about the first time they met while Kate was busy cooking. Prince William’s offer of a cup of tea struck Gary as refreshingly normal, prompting him to share a laugh during the retelling.

However, Gary’s upcoming appearance on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ has reportedly raised concerns within the Middleton family. According to sources cited by The Sun, Gary has been “read the riot act” by his sister Carole Middleton, Kate’s mother.

The family is apprehensive about the potential for Gary to reveal sensitive information about the royals on the reality show and the stress it may cause Kate.

In the promotional video, Gary also addressed his reputation as a “bad boy,” acknowledging the public perception of him as mischievous and daring. While he hinted at the possibility of setting the record straight, Gary admitted that he enjoys teasing and winding people up, suggesting that mischief is ingrained in his nature.

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As anticipation mounts for Gary’s appearance on ‘Celebrity Big Brother,’ viewers are eager to see how his lively personality will translate to the small screen.

Will Gary’s anecdotes about the royals provide insight into the private world of the Middleton family, or will his mischievous antics simply add entertainment value to the show? Fans will have to tune in to find out.