King Charles Pressured to Exclude Prince Harry from Will Amid Cancer Diagnosis

As tensions within the royal family continue to escalate, King Charles finds himself caught in the crossfire between his son Prince William, Queen Camilla, and the plight of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Amidst King Charles’ battle with cancer, insiders reveal that pressure is mounting for him to leave Prince Harry out of his will.

According to sources close to the royal family, Prince William and Queen Camilla are urging King Charles to exclude Prince Harry from his will, citing concerns about the Sussexes’ motives and financial stability. An insider disclosed to In Touch Weekly that Charles is not obligated to leave anything to Harry, and his close advisors view the Sussexes as fame-seekers who cannot be trusted with inheritance.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have faced financial challenges since their decision to step down from their royal duties and relocate to the United States. Their financial support from Charles was cut off, leaving Harry feeling abandoned after a lifetime of service to the monarchy.

“Harry and Meghan have big bills to pay and need to make money, which makes this rebranding necessary, as they see it,” the insider explained, referring to the couple’s recent pivot to using their titles and crests for commercial ventures.

Despite hopes of reconciliation, Prince Harry’s recent reunion with his father, King Charles, was reportedly brief and strained. Charles’ advisors reminded him of Harry’s diminished status within the royal family, leading to a short meeting before the king had to attend to other matters.

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The ramifications of Prince Harry and Meghan’s departure from royal life have reverberated deeply within the family, with Harry coming to terms with the high cost of his decision. The insider emphasized that Harry has felt the consequences of his departure profoundly.

As the royal family navigates this tumultuous period, King Charles faces the difficult task of balancing familial obligations with his own health concerns. The question of Prince Harry’s place in his will underscores the complexities and tensions that continue to unfold within the monarchy.