Lady Davina Windsor’s Fairytale Wedding Makes Royal History

Lady Davina Windsor, the second child of Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester, and Birgitte, Duchess of Gloucester, entered the world on November 19, 1977, amid the opulence of royal privilege. Raised alongside her siblings in the grandeur of Kensington Palace, Lady Davina received her early education at St George’s School, Ascot, before pursuing media studies at the University of West England.

Despite her royal lineage, Lady Davina opted for a life away from the public spotlight, much like her older brother, the Duke of Ulster. While she occasionally graced royal events and weddings, she preferred to keep her personal life private.

However, it was her love life that briefly thrust her into the public eye. Lady Davina’s romantic journey took an unexpected turn when she crossed paths with Gary Lewis, a New Zealand-born builder and former sheep shearer, during a surfing trip. Their seemingly unlikely union captured the imagination of many, resembling a fairytale romance brought to life.

In 2004, Lady Davina made headlines once again as she exchanged vows with Gary, marking a significant moment in royal history. Their intimate wedding, attended only by close friends and immediate family, became noteworthy as Gary became the first Māori member to marry into the British royal family.

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The couple’s union was blessed with two children, Senna Kowhai Lewis and Tāne Mahuta Lewis, yet their marriage eventually came to an end in 2018, marking the conclusion of their fairytale romance. Despite the dissolution of their marriage, Lady Davina and Gary’s story serves as a testament to love’s unpredictable nature, transcending barriers of tradition and status.

Today, Lady Davina continues to navigate life beyond the headlines, embracing her roles as a mother and member of the royal family with grace and dignity. While her story may not always make the front pages, her journey serves as a reminder of the complexities of love and the resilience of the human spirit, even amidst the grandeur of royalty.