Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Opt for Timing and Sensitivity in Reconciliation with Royal Family

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are reportedly eager to mend their relationship with the Royal family, understanding the importance of unity for the secure future of their new brand.

However, in light of recent challenges faced by the Royals, including King Charles and Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnoses, the couple has chosen to exercise patience and wait for the right time to approach reconciliation.

According to a source cited by The Express, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex recognize the hardships faced by the Royal family and believe that now may not be the opportune moment to initiate discussions.

Their decision to hold off on reconciliation efforts reflects their sensitivity to the current circumstances, particularly Kate Middleton’s cancer announcement.

The source explains, “Harry and Meghan are very keen to mend the relationship with his family, but they know that now might not be the right time, especially in light of Kate’s cancer announcement.” They further add that the Sussexes are willing to wait until the timing is more appropriate before actively working towards rebuilding bridges with the Royal family.

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This cautious approach may result in Meghan potentially canceling her anticipated UK visit in May, which was speculated due to her name appearing on the official running order of the Invictus Games 10th Anniversary event. While both Harry and Meghan are listed as guests for the event, Meghan’s attendance remains uncertain, with her name marked as “to be confirmed.”

The decision to delay reconciliation efforts underscores Meghan and Harry’s commitment to approaching the situation with sensitivity and respect for the Royal family’s challenges. As they navigate the complexities of rebuilding relationships, the couple remains mindful of the broader context and the need for timing and tact in their efforts towards reconciliation.

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