Royal Expert Criticizes Palace Amid Kate Middleton Photo Controversy

Omid Scobie, a renowned royal expert and purported friend of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, has unleashed scathing criticism against the palace and the royal family following the recent Mother’s Day photo controversy involving Kate Middleton.

Taking to his social media platform, formerly known as Twitter, the author of “Endgame” didn’t mince his words. Scobie highlighted the broader context surrounding the photo incident, suggesting it was symptomatic of a deeper issue within the institution.

In a tweet, Scobie remarked, “It’s fair to say that most photos released by the offices of public figures have been retouched in some way, so if this was an isolated incident then it would just be an unfortunate error.” He continued, “But with the Palace’s long history of lying, covering up, and even issuing statements on behalf of family members without their permission (cc: Prince Harry), it’s becoming increasingly difficult for the public to believe a word (and now photo) they share.”

Scobie’s pointed critique didn’t stop there. He warned that regaining public trust, given the palace’s track record, would be a monumental challenge. “Gaining that back at this point is an almost impossible task,” he cautioned.

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Scobie’s comments came in the aftermath of Kate Middleton’s apology over the Mother’s Day photo scandal. In her statement on social media, the Duchess of Cambridge acknowledged the controversy, attributing it to her experimentation with photo editing techniques. Middleton expressed regret for any confusion caused by the image and extended her wishes for a happy Mother’s Day to all celebrants.

As the fallout from the photo incident continues to unfold, Scobie’s critique adds fuel to the ongoing scrutiny surrounding the royal family’s handling of public relations. With tensions running high and public trust seemingly eroded, the palace faces mounting pressure to navigate these controversies transparently and effectively.

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