Meghan Markle Under Scrutiny for Allegedly Discarding Old Friends

Royal commentator and expert Charlotte Griffiths has raised eyebrows with her recent observations regarding Meghan Markle’s approach to friendships.

In an interview with the Mail on Sunday, Griffiths characterized the Duchess as “strategic” in her relationships, suggesting that she has a tendency to discard old friends once she no longer has use for them.

Griffiths pointed out instances where Markle has seemingly distanced herself from individuals who were once close to her, including family members, former co-stars from the television series “Suits,” and even her best friend Jessica Mulroney, whose children participated as page boys at the royal wedding.

The expert highlighted the irony of Markle’s emphasis on friendship in the promotion of a leaked documentary, considering her track record of reportedly severing ties with people once they no longer serve her interests.

According to Griffiths, Markle’s behavior suggests a pattern of using friendships strategically and then discarding them once they no longer align with her objectives.

This perceived approach has led to accusations that Markle selectively engages with individuals for her own benefit, only to cut them off when they are no longer of use to her.

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Overall, Griffiths’s assessment raises questions about the sincerity of Markle’s friendships and the authenticity of her public persona.

While the Duchess may present herself as a champion of friendship, Griffiths suggests that her actions tell a different story—one of calculated and strategic interactions rather than genuine connections.

As scrutiny surrounding Markle’s relationships continues to mount, the Duchess may face increasing scrutiny over her past associations and the way she navigates personal connections in the public eye.

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