Meghan Markle’s Perception of Privilege and Philanthropic Authority in Royal Circles Compared to Kate Middleton

In a recent revelation, it has emerged that Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, harbored a belief that she held more authority to speak at public events compared to her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales.

Markle’s perception reportedly stemmed from her self-made background and philanthropic endeavors, which she felt surpassed Middleton’s lack of a high-profile career.

According to insider accounts, Markle developed tensions with Middleton following her marriage to Prince Harry, fueled by a sense of disparity in the level of importance they received.

The Duchess of Sussex allegedly believed she was better suited to address the public on various issues, considering herself a self-made woman and experienced philanthropist.

The Telegraph reported Markle’s belief that she was a more fitting spokesperson for public occasions than Middleton, the Princess of Wales.

Sources close to Markle revealed her conviction that her personal journey and contributions to charity gave her a unique perspective and authority within the royal family.

A source familiar with the matter disclosed Markle’s sentiment, stating that she perceived herself as a self-made individual, contrasting with Middleton’s entry into the royal family without a prominent career.

Markle reportedly felt she had earned the right to speak on matters of importance, particularly in the realm of philanthropy, where she believed she could impart valuable insights to the royal family.

The insider further revealed Markle’s frustration with the established structures within the Royal Foundation, suggesting that she struggled to find her place within the pre-existing framework.

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Markle’s perception of the organization as a “well-oiled machine” prior to her involvement likely added to her challenges in asserting her authority and making meaningful contributions.

Markle’s belief in her right to speak at public events and her perceived expertise in philanthropy offer a glimpse into the complexities of royal dynamics and individual aspirations within the institution.

As discussions surrounding the roles of Markle and Middleton continue, these revelations underscore the intricacies of navigating privilege, authority, and personal identity within the royal family.

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