PR Expert Offers Sweet Advice to Meghan Markle Amid King Charles and Kate Middleton’s Health Struggles

As the royal family grapples with the health challenges faced by King Charles and Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle has received a heartfelt piece of advice from PR expert Lynn Carratt regarding her public actions and brand strategy.

In an interview with the Mirror, Carratt shared her insights, advising Meghan to maintain a low profile and publicly show support for her in-laws during this difficult time. “Meghan should keep a low profile and show support for her in-laws publicly,” Carratt suggested.

She emphasized the importance of Meghan continuing to work on her brand endeavors while avoiding any actions that could negatively impact the royal family.

Carratt further recommended that Meghan focus on quietly building her brand behind the scenes, particularly during the period when the public’s attention is focused on King Charles and Kate Middleton’s cancer treatments. “It would be best for Meghan Markle to work quietly on her brand behind the scenes,” Carratt stated, emphasizing the need for sensitivity to the ongoing health struggles within the royal family.

Acknowledging Meghan’s departure from the monarchy, Carratt highlighted the freedom she now has to launch her brand on her own terms.

However, she cautioned Meghan to consider the timing of any brand launch, especially in light of the public’s widespread support for Kate Middleton during her cancer treatment.

“As Meghan is no longer part of the Monarchy, she is free to launch her brand whenever she likes,” Carratt noted. “However, given Kate’s ongoing cancer treatments, it would be wise for Meghan to be sensitive to the timing of her brand launch, considering the public support for Kate worldwide.”

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Carratt’s advice underscores the delicate balance Meghan Markle must navigate as she continues to pursue her brand ambitions while maintaining a respectful distance from royal affairs.

It reflects the importance of empathy and tact in managing public perceptions, particularly during times of heightened sensitivity within the royal family.

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