Royal Expert Angela Levin Reacts to Prince Harry’s Legal Setback

Angela Levin, a prominent royal expert known for her critical stance on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, has weighed in on the Duke’s recent legal setback regarding his UK police protection.

In a tweet posted on X, Levin expressed her perspective on the matter, stating, “Harry has again lost his legal battle over UK police protection.

Why does he really need it as he barely comes to visit and Meghan even less so?” Her comment raises questions about the necessity of police protection for the couple, particularly considering their limited presence in the UK.

Levin further speculated on the motivations behind Prince Harry’s pursuit of UK police protection, suggesting a connection to the couple’s popularity in the United States and the potential desire to maintain a semblance of royal status.

She mused, “Could it be that the couple’s popularity is sinking in the US and the UK will help them hang on to being a sort of royal.”

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The Duke of Sussex’s legal challenge stemmed from the British government’s decision to revoke his police protection while in Britain.

Despite his efforts, Judge Peter Lane affirmed the decision, highlighting the expert opinion of RAVEC (the Royalty and VIP Executive Committee), which determined the adequacy of Harry’s security measures in the UK.

In response to the ruling, Prince Harry’s legal team has announced plans to seek permission from the Court of Appeal to challenge the decision, indicating their continued determination to address the issue of police protection for the Duke during his visits to the UK.

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