Swerve Strickland Makes History Defeats Samoa Joe to Become AEW World Champion

In a historic moment at AEW Dynasty on Sunday, Swerve Strickland emerged victorious over Samoa Joe to capture the AEW World Championship for the first time in his career. The hard-hitting match culminated with Strickland delivering his signature Swerve Stomp finisher, solidifying his place as AEW’s first male African American world champion.

This victory marked Strickland’s second opportunity at the AEW world title, following his participation in a three-way match against Joe and “Hangman” Adam Page at Revolution last month. Although Strickland did not take the fall in that encounter, he fell short of claiming the championship as Joe secured the win by forcing Page to submit to the Coquina Clutch.

Given the circumstances of his previous match and the contentious nature of the outcome, Strickland had a legitimate grievance and was granted another opportunity to vie for the coveted title.

Despite Joe’s reputation as one of the toughest competitors in the wrestling world, he welcomed the challenge posed by Strickland and readily accepted the rematch.

In a surprising turn of events during the contract signing for their bout at Dynasty, Strickland attempted to gain a psychological advantage over Joe by ambushing him with a chain. However, Joe swiftly turned the tables, utilizing the chain to leave Strickland bloodied and battered. Undeterred by the altercation, Strickland defiantly used his own blood to sign the contract, showcasing his determination and resilience.

Despite facing a formidable opponent in Joe, Strickland refused to back down and demonstrated unwavering resolve in the biggest match of his career. Overcoming the physical disadvantage posed by Joe’s size and strength, Strickland delivered a stellar performance, ultimately clinching victory and etching his name in the annals of AEW history as the new world champion.

As Swerve Strickland basks in the glory of his championship triumph, his victory serves as a testament to his skill, determination, and perseverance, inspiring fans worldwide and solidifying his status as a top-tier competitor in the world of professional wrestling.

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