Anti Monarchy Group Increases King Charles’s Concerns with Latest Announcement

The anti-monarchy group Republic has intensified the worries for King Charles with a new announcement regarding the Trooping the Colour parade next month.

King Charles will be celebrating his official birthday with the traditional Trooping the Colour parade on June 15th in London, but this year’s festivities will be met with organized protests from Republic.

Republic took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to announce their plans to demonstrate at the event, calling on supporters to join them in their efforts.

The group also posted a detailed statement on its official website, condemning the parade as a “costly celebration of a corrupt and dishonest institution,” especially during a time when many are demanding significant change.

The statement read: “On Saturday, June 15th, Charles will be having his official birthday celebration parade, at Trooping the Colour.

This is another costly celebration of a corrupt and dishonest institution, at a time when people are crying out for change.”

In their call to action, Republic urged the public to join their protest along the Mall, where the parade will take place.

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“So join Republic supporters down on the Mall to protest against the monarchy. Charles will be part of the procession, along with other royals.

We’ll be there too, to say loud and clear that it’s time to abolish the monarchy.”

The group emphasized the significance of their demonstrations, noting, “Republic protests are a lot of fun and hugely important to the growing movement for a democratic future.

Pledge to be there, and we’ll see you on Saturday, June 15th.”

As King Charles prepares for his official birthday celebration, the planned protests by Republic add another layer of concern for the monarch, highlighting the ongoing debate over the future of the British monarchy.

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