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Criticism Mounts Over Kate Middleton’s Recent Image Amid Cancer Battle

A recent image of Kate Middleton featured on Tatler’s July 2024 issue has sparked controversy and drawn sharp criticism from royal commentator Michael Cole.

Cole, in an interview with GB News, lambasted the image, going as far as to suggest it should be “forgotten” for the best.

Describing the image as “dreadful,” Cole compared it unfavorably to Jonathan Yeo’s acclaimed portrait of King Charles III, labeling the former as a “most dreadful daub.”

He expressed bewilderment over Tatler’s decision to feature the image on its cover, questioning its suitability for such a prestigious publication.

Cole further dissected the image, pointing out flaws in Middleton’s features and deportment, while conceding that her portrayal of the garter sash was accurate.

However, he ultimately condemned the image as unflattering and inappropriate, particularly given Middleton’s ongoing battle against cancer.

Expressing concern for Middleton’s well-being, Cole criticized Tatler for its choice of cover image, suggesting it lacked sensitivity and was unhelpful during a challenging time for the Princess of Wales.

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He emphasized the importance of considering Middleton’s health struggles when making editorial decisions, especially for a publication with Tatler’s esteemed reputation.

As criticism mounts over the image, the debate surrounding Middleton’s portrayal underscores the delicate balance between journalistic freedom and ethical considerations, particularly when dealing with sensitive personal matters concerning members of the Royal family.

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