Former Executive Reveals Meghan Markle’s Stellar Work Ethic During Suits Era

Insights into Meghan Markle’s work ethic during her time on the hit show Suits have surfaced, shedding light on her dedication and determination as an actress.

Bonnie Hammer, a high-powered executive, recently shared her impressions of Markle’s performance on the show in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Despite the mix-up with the name “Kate Middleton,” Hammer’s comments provide valuable insights into Markle’s approach to her work.

According to Hammer, Markle, who portrayed a high-powered executive on Suits, left a lasting impression with her incredible talent and unwavering commitment.

Hammer praised Markle for her fearlessness in seeking guidance and clarification, demonstrating a desire to excel beyond her role as a young star.

Despite initially being one of the more junior members of the cast, Markle’s relentless work ethic allowed her to seamlessly integrate into the ensemble.

Hammer emphasized Markle’s proactive attitude, noting her willingness to ask questions and strive for excellence in her performance.

Hammer’s remarks underscore Markle’s strength, resilience, and ability to absorb feedback to enhance her craft. This dedication to her work earned her respect and admiration from her colleagues.

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Furthermore, Hammer revealed that she later mentored Markle outside of the show, indicating a continued relationship beyond their time working together on Suits.

However, details about their current relationship remain undisclosed.

Overall, Hammer’s insights provide a glimpse into Meghan Markle’s character and professionalism during her tenure on Suits, highlighting her relentless pursuit of excellence and continuous growth as an actress.

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