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Kate Middleton’s Mother’s Day Photo Controversy Takes New Twist Amid Buckingham Palace Major Announcement

Kate Middleton finds herself embroiled in a new twist of the Mother’s Day photo controversy as Buckingham Palace honours her in a different light.

Alessandro Nasini, the curator of a new exhibition at Buckingham Palace celebrating 100 years of royal photographs, has stepped forward to defend Middleton amidst the retouching scandal surrounding a photo taken by Prince William earlier this year.

Nasini emphasized that retouching is an essential aspect of royal portrait photography, serving as a tool for creative expression.

While acknowledging the controversy over digitally altered images, Nasini stressed the historical significance of retouching in photography.

He stated, “Retouching per se has always been part of photography really since the inception of photography. It’s very important specifically for portrait photography because it’s a creative process.”

Nasini’s remarks come in the wake of the withdrawal of a photograph of the Princess of Wales with her children for Mother’s Day by six major picture agencies, citing digital alterations.

Middleton later admitted to experimenting with editing the family photo.

Despite the scrutiny surrounding retouching practices, Middleton’s recent honour reflects a positive turn of events.

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An image of the princess in question, bearing a “striking resemblance” to an 1864 portrait of Alexandra, Princess of Wales, by Franz Xaver Winterhalter, is set to be displayed at the King’s Gallery alongside other royal photographs.

The King’s Gallery is poised to unveil a collection of previously unseen royal photographs, offering insight into 100 years of royal photography.

The exhibition, titled “Royal Portraits: A Century of Photography,” opens on May 17 at Buckingham Palace and runs until October 6, 2024.

As Middleton’s image takes its place among historical royal portraits, the controversy surrounding the retouching of photographs underscores the complexities of modern media and the enduring importance of artistic expression in capturing royal imagery.

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