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Meghan Markle Draws Inspiration From Kate Middleton Amid Nigeria Visit

During her recent visit to Nigeria, Meghan Markle appeared to draw inspiration from her now-estranged sister-in-law, Princess Kate, showcasing both her celebrity allure and royal demeanor.

Expert analysis of the Duchess of Sussex’s body language by Judi James suggests that Meghan displayed a blend of “celebrity and royalty” during several public appearances with her husband, Prince Harry.

At an event focusing on Women in Leadership, Meghan exuded confidence and regality, resonating with her royal title.

James noted Meghan’s poised posture, straight-backed and with shoulders held back, as she entered the room with elegance and a Duchess-like social smile.

During the event, Meghan’s demeanour signalled confidence as she confidently held the mic and greeted attendees with a wide, genuine smile of pleasure.

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Additionally, Meghan took the lead over her husband during various outings in Nigeria, showcasing her own brand of stardust-strewn waves, smiles, and touch rituals.

Despite Harry’s presence, Meghan’s arrival body language placed her in a slightly more prominent role, with her excelling at gestures typically associated with leading figures.

Overall, Meghan Markle’s Nigeria trip showcased her ability to seamlessly blend her celebrity persona with her royal status, capturing attention and admiration with her confident and gracious demeanor.

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