Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle Leaves Royal Family Upset With Latest Moves

In a recent report that has ignited debate within royal circles, Meghan Markle’s alleged influence on Prince Harry’s relationship with the royal family has come under scrutiny, with some accusing her of exacerbating tensions between the Duke and his relatives.

Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield, speaking on TalkTV, did not mince words as she characterized Meghan as “gasoline on an open flame” for Harry’s interactions with his family.

Schofield further described Meghan as “highly insecure” and suggested that she encourages Harry’s behavior towards his relatives.

Highlighting Meghan’s strained relationship with her own family, particularly her father, Schofield drew parallels between Meghan’s actions and the perceived challenges she brings to Harry’s familial dynamics.

She argued that Meghan’s reluctance to reconcile with her father mirrors Harry’s alleged grievances against his family, implying a pattern of estrangement.

Schofield went on to suggest that Meghan’s presence in the royal family has caused emotional distress, asserting that “the tears in the relationship began when Meghan Markle joined the family.”

She contended that Meghan’s influence on Harry may contribute to his actions and demeanor, painting her as a source of validation for his decisions.

Citing allegations of mistreatment towards palace staff and questioning the motives behind Harry and Meghan’s recent trip to Nigeria, Schofield portrayed Meghan in a critical light, accusing her of exhibiting insecurity and seeking validation through her royal status.

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The report has reignited discussions about Meghan’s role within the royal family and her impact on Harry’s relationship with his relatives.

While some defend Meghan’s actions as expressions of independence and authenticity, others view them as contributing to rifts within the monarchy.

As scrutiny over Meghan’s influence on Harry’s royal ties intensifies, the debate surrounding her role in shaping the dynamics of the royal family continues to unfold, leaving observers divided over her intentions and impact on the institution

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