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Meghan Markle Warned About Her Standing in the US and UK as Starlet Instead of Star

Meghan Markle has recently been issued a stark warning about her perceived standing both in the US and the UK, being labeled more as a ‘starlet’ than the ‘star’ she believes herself to be. This assessment comes from author Barbara Taylor Bradford, known for her candid views on public figures and her acclaimed work, Woman of Substance.

In a discussion highlighted by The Daily Mail, Bradford did not hold back in her critique of the Duchess of Sussex. She asserted that Meghan arrived in the UK with grand expectations, anticipating that she would dominate the red carpet.

Bradford’s comment, “Meghan came to the UK imagining she’d be the star of the red carpet, even though she wasn’t much more than a starlet in America,” suggests that Meghan overestimated her celebrity status and the level of adoration she would receive.

Bradford pointed out a critical miscalculation on Meghan’s part: the presence of the Queen. “What she didn’t realise is that we already have a shining star on the red carpet, someone who’s been there for 70 years,” she said, underlining the enduring and unparalleled popularity of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Queen’s decades-long reign and consistent presence in public life have solidified her as the true star in the eyes of the British public.

This comparison starkly highlights the cultural and societal differences Meghan encountered. Unlike the Hollywood scene, where celebrity status can be fleeting and heavily influenced by media buzz, the British royal family operates on a legacy of service and historical significance.

Bradford’s remarks underscore the notion that Meghan’s fame in Hollywood, where she was known but not at the pinnacle of stardom, did not translate directly into royal adulation in the UK.

Bradford further emphasized the distinction by praising the Queen and other senior royals. “The Queen is magnificent,” she remarked, adding that Prince William and Kate Middleton “grow in stature day by day.” This praise serves to reinforce the idea that the true stars of the British monarchy are those who have shown unwavering dedication to their roles over many years.

In her concluding remarks, Bradford offered admiration for the Queen’s grace and resilience, even slipping in a bit of personal admiration: “She’s divine — and how does she stay so slim?” This lighthearted comment underscores the genuine respect and affection held for the Queen, which contrasts with Meghan’s more contentious relationship with both the media and the royal institution.

These comments from Bradford resonate with a broader sentiment that Meghan’s transition from American actress to British royal was fraught with misunderstandings and mismatched expectations.

While she hoped to become a leading figure within the royal family, the established reverence for figures like the Queen made it difficult for her to eclipse or even match their stature.

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In summary, Barbara Taylor Bradford’s assessment of Meghan Markle’s role highlights a crucial distinction between perceived and actual celebrity within different cultural contexts.

The Duchess of Sussex, despite her ambitions, faced an environment where longstanding loyalty and service, embodied by the Queen and senior royals, outweighed the allure of Hollywood fame.

As Meghan navigates her public life, both in the US and UK, this critique serves as a poignant reminder of the complexities involved in balancing her dual identities as a former actress and a member of the British royal family.

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