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Meghan Markle Sets Sights On Her Next Mission Despite Criticism from Prince William and King Charles

Following their recent visit to an African country to promote the Invictus Games, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, reportedly gears up for a major PR campaign for her lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard.

The Duchess, aged 42, has dubbed her upcoming initiative as the “Summer of Love,” aiming to bolster her popularity in America through appearances on various chat shows, podcasts, and interviews with select journalists.

A source close to Meghan revealed that this media blitz seeks to soften the public’s perception of her while driving online sales for her brand.

Additionally, Meghan and Harry are reportedly in negotiations with Netflix to renew their contract, with Meghan potentially fronting her own cookery show focusing on exotic foods, recipe books, and kitchenware.

However, it’s unlikely they will secure a deal similar to their previous $100 million agreement.

Netflix executives are intrigued by the prospect of linking Meghan’s show to commercial sales via American Riviera Orchard, potentially creating a new revenue stream.

Despite their substantial net worth, estimated at over half a billion dollars, Meghan acknowledges the need to “soften” her image to replicate the success of other celebrity ventures.

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The couple’s recent visit to Africa drew criticism, with some labeling it an unofficial royal tour.

Royal expert Tom Quinn suggests that Prince William and King Charles are unhappy with the couple’s actions and are determined to prevent such incidents in the future.

Meghan’s upcoming charm offensive aims to cultivate a “feel the love” sentiment, distancing herself from past controversies and refraining from further attacks on Harry’s family.

As she embarks on this media blitz, all eyes are on Meghan to see if her efforts will reshape public opinion and drive success for American Riviera Orchard.

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