Prince Harry Stands Behind Kate Middleton’s Remarks Regarding Prince William

During an official overseas tour in Australia in 2014, Kate Middleton made a playful jest about Prince William’s baldness, a remark later echoed by Prince Harry in his memoir, “Spare.”

The lighthearted incident took place at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, where the royal couple watched an alpaca being shorn.

Lyn Crejan, the farmer conducting the demonstration, revealed that as she showed the alpaca to them, Kate cheekily suggested that William should put it on his head, quipping, “You need it more than me,” which elicited laughter from William.

This playful banter about William’s hair loss is not uncommon within the royal family, with reports suggesting that Kate affectionately refers to him as ‘Prince Baldy.’

Additionally, Mike Tindall, husband of William’s cousin Zara, humorously dubbed him “One pint Willy” for his purported inability to hold his drink as well as the former England rugby player.

Interestingly, Prince Harry also addressed William’s hair loss in his memoir, albeit in a less affectionate tone.

In a passage from “Spare,” Harry reflects on his brother’s baldness, noting it as more advanced than his own, alongside other familial observations.

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The inclusion of such anecdotes highlights the dynamic and playful interactions within the royal family, showcasing their ability to tease and jest with each other despite their esteemed positions.

It also offers a glimpse into the personal relationships between the royals, demonstrating a camaraderie that transcends their public personas.

While the topic of hair loss may seem trivial, its mention in both public and private contexts underscores the relatable and human aspects of the royal family, endearing them to the public in unexpected ways.

Ultimately, these anecdotes serve as reminders that even members of the royal family are not immune to playful teasing and familial banter.

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