Princess Beatrice and Eugenie Take Centre Stage Amid Kate Middleton’s Absence

As Prince William took center stage at a rainy garden party at Buckingham Palace, he was joined by a supportive group of royal cousins, including Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

Their presence raised questions about their roles within the royal family, particularly in light of Kate Middleton’s indefinite absence due to cancer treatment.

Despite speculation, HELLO!’s royal editor Emily Nash clarified that there are currently no plans to elevate Beatrice and Eugenie to working royals.

While they have attended royal engagements in the past, their participation at events like the garden party serves as a gesture of support for Prince Charles during Kate’s recovery, rather than a formal adoption of official roles.

Nash explained, “Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie and their cousins were at the Garden Party to support the Prince of Wales because the Princess is continuing her recovery, but they are not taking on official roles.”

She further noted that they may appear at other events over the summer as members of the King’s family.

Additionally, a recent report from the Daily Mail hinted at King Charles’ intentions to involve Beatrice in official duties, including accompanying him to a Japanese state visit next month.

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While this suggests a level of involvement in royal affairs, it does not signify a formal elevation to working royal status for Beatrice or Eugenie.

As Beatrice and Eugenie navigate their royal futures amidst changing dynamics within the monarchy, their supportive presence alongside Prince William serves as a testament to their commitment to the royal family.

While their roles may evolve over time, for now, they continue to fulfill their duties with grace and dedication.

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