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Princess Kate Middleton Preferred Over Meghan Markle as Amazing Fashion Muse

Meghan Markle faces another setback as renowned British fashion designer Julien Macdonald expresses his preference for styling Kate Middleton over the former working royal.

At the Fragrance Foundation Awards in London, Macdonald showered praises on the Princess of Wales, highlighting her as an “amazing” muse.

As reported by The Mirror, Macdonald stated, “Kate’s amazing… I’d love to dress her in one of my dresses. I’ve got a great relationship with Camilla, the Queen.

She’s incredible.” When asked if he would consider styling Meghan Markle in the future, he bluntly responded, “No, I prefer Kate and Camilla.”

The preference for Kate Middleton over Meghan Markle comes as a significant snub for the Duchess of Sussex, who has often made headlines for her distinct fashion choices and lifestyle.

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Celebrity stylist Rochelle White previously commented on the duo’s individual styles, noting that Meghan leans towards a “trendy edge,” while Kate maintains a “classic and chic” look with traditional pieces incorporated into her wardrobe.

This latest revelation underscores the ongoing fascination with the fashion choices of royals and the influence they wield in the industry.

Despite their differing approaches to fashion and life, Kate Middleton continues to be celebrated as a style icon and preferred muse by esteemed designers like Julien Macdonald.

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