Royal Expert Reacts As Buckingham Palace Makes Major Announcement About Kate Middleton Amid Cancer Battle

King Charles is set to attend the main event of Trooping the Colour on June 15, but the absence of Princess of Wales Kate Middleton at the Colonel’s Review has stirred reactions from royal experts.

Royal expert Richard Palmer tweeted about Buckingham Palace’s plans for Kate Middleton, stating, “The Princess of Wales, who is expected to return to official duties only when given the all-clear by doctors after her cancer treatment, will not be taking the salute at the Colonel’s Review, the traditional rehearsal on June 8 for Trooping the Colour, Buckingham Palace says.”

Reacting to this, royal expert Richard Eden commented, “Sadly, this would appear to confirm what we expected: that the Princess of Wales will NOT attend Trooping the Colour in a fortnight’s time.”

Kate Middleton, currently focusing on her recovery from cancer treatment, has stepped back from her royal duties.

While she will not participate in the Colonel’s Review, there is still speculation about whether she might make a surprise appearance at the main event.

Meanwhile, Buckingham Palace has confirmed that King Charles will attend the Trooping the Colour main event on June 15.

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However, due to his recent cancer treatment, the King will not be riding a horse. Instead, he will conduct the review seated in an Ascot landau carriage alongside Queen Camilla.

This year’s Trooping the Colour will proceed as planned, continuing its 260-year tradition of celebrating the Sovereign’s official birthday, with notable adjustments due to the health challenges faced by both King Charles and Princess Kate.

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