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King Charles Takes Significant Action After Kate Middleton Withdraws from Trooping the Colour Rehearsal

Despite facing a battle with cancer, King Charles remains resolute in his determination to attend Trooping the Colour, a significant event in the royal calendar.

However, there’s uncertainty surrounding the involvement of Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, in light of her ongoing chemotherapy treatment.

Royal expert Richard Palmer shared Buckingham Palace’s statement, confirming King Charles’ attendance at the main event on June 15.

Palmer tweeted, “The King will participate in this year’s birthday parade – known as Trooping the Colour – but will travel via carriage instead of horseback, it has been confirmed by Buckingham Palace.”

Last year, King Charles made headlines by being the first monarch to ride horseback at the event since Queen Elizabeth II in 1986.

Trooping the Colour, a tradition dating back 260 years, will proceed as planned, maintaining its significance in celebrating the Sovereign’s official birthday despite the upcoming general election.

However, Kate Middleton’s participation remains uncertain as she continues her chemotherapy treatment following her cancer diagnosis.

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The Princess of Wales was scheduled to take the salute at the Colonel’s Review, the traditional rehearsal on June 8, but her absence raises questions about her presence at the main event.

In Kate’s place, Lieutenant General James Bucknall, the former commander of the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps, will take the salute at the Colonel’s Review.

This duty was originally designated to Kate in her role as Colonel of the Irish Guards.

As the royal family navigates through personal challenges, King Charles’ commitment to fulfilling ceremonial duties underscores the monarchy’s dedication to upholding tradition and public engagements.

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