King Charles

Critical Assessment of King Charles Trooping the Colour Amid Kate Middleton Cancer Battle

Daniela Elser, a notable royal commentator, has offered a sharp critique of King Charles’ recent Trooping the Colour event amid Princess Kate Middleton cancer battle, likening it to a disappointing potluck party where not everyone showed up.

In her piece for, Elser highlighted the perceived emptiness and lack of vitality during the Royal Family’s balcony appearance at the Trooping the Colour event.

Despite efforts to position remaining HRHs strategically and observe traditional protocols, Elser remarked that the overall impression was of a diminished and somewhat faded royal family.

“The balcony on Saturday just looked empty, like half the guests to a BYO potluck had not deigned to turn up,” Elser pointedly noted, emphasizing the underwhelming presence despite the ceremonial significance.

Elser’s commentary underscores broader concerns about the Royal Family’s current state, despite attempts to maintain appearances with the charm of figures like Kate Middleton and the playful demeanor of Prince Louis.

She suggests that these moments highlight deeper issues within the monarchy, which may not be easily overlooked despite efforts to mask them.

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In a tongue-in-cheek suggestion, Elser humorously proposed that diplomatic efforts might be needed, jokingly referring to sending an emissary to Montecito to resolve matters over a wheatgrass shot—a nod to potential rifts or challenges facing the royal household.

Overall, Elser’s critique offers a stark perspective on the challenges and perceptions facing King Charles’ monarchy, signaling potential areas for reflection and improvement amidst evolving public expectations and scrutiny.