Tensions Rise as Buckingham Palace and Prince Harry’s Camp Clash Over Meeting with King Charles

A recent report from The Times has unveiled a simmering conflict between Buckingham Palace and Prince Harry’s camp regarding the circumstances surrounding their failure to meet last week, further deepening the rift between the two parties.

According to the Daily Mail, palace insiders and representatives from Prince Harry’s camp are at odds over “who was avoiding whom” in the latest behind-the-scenes clash to shake the royal institution.

The Spare author flew to the UK to attend a service commemorating 10 years of The Invictus Games last Tuesday.

However, upon his arrival, Prince Harry issued a statement via his spokesperson, citing his father’s “full diary” as the reason for their failure to meet, as King Charles is reportedly battling health concerns.

In a twist of events, it was reported that the 75-year-old monarch had declined an invitation from his son to attend the church service at St Paul’s Cathedral.

However, according to sources close to King Charles, no such invitation was received, and he had even extended an offer for Prince Harry to stay in a royal residence during his visit.

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Meanwhile, representatives from Prince Harry’s camp maintain that he had submitted a request to see his father weeks prior to his arrival, contradicting the palace’s explanation of the King’s “full diary”.

Amidst conflicting accounts and mounting tensions, the true nature of the events remains uncertain, leaving observers unable to take sides until clarification is provided by either of the official teams involved.

As the saga unfolds, the clash between Buckingham Palace and Prince Harry’s camp underscores the deepening divide within the royal family, highlighting the challenges of communication and reconciliation in the face of heightened scrutiny and public interest.

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