Brad Pitt Knows He Can Beat Angelina in Popularity Showdown

Brad Pitt is determined to outshine Angelina Jolie in Hollywood’s popularity contest amid their ongoing personal and legal battles.

Sources reveal that Brad wants to make Angelina as uncomfortable as possible among their Hollywood peers.

While Angelina may be gaining ground in their custody battle over their minor children, Brad is focused on leveraging his immense influence in Hollywood.

Brad has so much power in Hollywood, which is one thing that’s tough for Angelina to compete with him over, a source exclusively tells In Touch.

She does have a few friends and allies, like Salma Hayek and Ellen Pompeo, along with a handful of studio bosses, but for the most part, she’s not winning any popularity contests in Hollywood, whereas Brad’s the golden boy.

Contrary to another source close to Brad, the insider insists, “Brad’s always going to have more sway socially and he’s gleeful about wielding that power against Angelina.

When Oscar season rolls around, she’s going to have to hit all the events because the buzz is she’ll be nominated for her new biopic [Maria], and you can count on Brad being there too, if only to rub it in her face how well-loved he is.”

Brad, 60, plans to escalate tensions by attending awards season events with his girlfriend, Ines de Ramon, to make Angelina uncomfortable.

He’s spoiling for a showdown because he knows even if he can’t beat her in court, he can 100 percent beat her when it comes to a popularity contest among their peers,” the source concludes.

The feud between Brad and Angelina has been ongoing since their 2016 split, encompassing battles over custody of their minor children and the ownership of Château Miraval, their vineyard in France.

The adult children appear to be siding with Angelina amid the conflict. In November 2023, an alleged 2020 social media post by Pax Jolie-Pitt described Brad as a “terrible and despicable person.”

A recent video of Zahara Jolie-Pitt introduced her as “Zahara Marley Jolie,” dropping her father’s surname.

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt also took legal steps to drop Pitt from her last name on her 18th birthday, a decision that reportedly blindsided Brad.

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Brad believes Angelina has influenced their children against him. “She absolutely influenced their decisions to distance themselves from their dad,” a source told In Touch.

Following in her siblings’ footsteps, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, 15, was listed in the Playbill for The Outsiders on Broadway without the name Pitt. Angelina is a producer on the show.

The public showdown between Brad and Angelina highlights the deeply personal nature of their disputes, reflecting a broader struggle for public favor in the high-stakes world of Hollywood.