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Insider Claims Kensington Palace Hiding Something Horrible About Kate Middleton Amid Cancer Treatment

Kensington Palace seems to be hiding something ‘horrible’ about Kate Middleton as they fail to issue any updates or photographs of the Princess of Wales amid her battle with cancer.

Apart from reporting about Kate being the “driving force” behind a major report by her Early Childhood Foundation, the palace has mostly remained silent about the mother-of-three’s health.

Speaking with Globe, a senior palace courtier questioned the palace’s motives behind the silence, pointing out the absence of photographs or videos of the Princess going out for treatment from her Windsor home.

“The silence about Kate’s health crisis — believed to be ovarian cancer — is deafening,” they said.

“We’re terrified Kate’s way worse than the royals are saying. Could we wake up one morning and find she has suddenly passed?” they added.

The palace insider noted how “all the secrecy” surrounding Kate is “devastating and points to an impending disaster for the monarchy.”

“What is the palace trying to hide about Kate?” they questioned, highlighting how royal fans and well-wishers haven’t been given a single glimpse of the Princess since she released her cancer announcement video.

“I don’t believe anything until we see her.”

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“She was the most photographed woman in the world, and there hasn’t been a single picture of her going to or from the hospital for treatment.

This suggests there’s much more to this story than the palace is letting on,” the tipster added. “There is a horrible ongoing silence as to the whereabouts and well-being of our future queen.”

The lack of transparency has fueled speculation and concern among the public, leaving many to wonder about the true state of Kate Middleton’s health and the implications for the royal family.

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