Kate Middleton’s Health Crisis Sparks New Moves from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are closely monitoring Kate Middleton’s recovery from cancer as they strive to mend fences with the Princess of Wales, according to insights from Closer Magazine.

The Sussexes have been keenly interested in Kate’s progress, especially following the announcement of her anticipated return to public engagements at Trooping the Colour.

“Both Harry and Meghan have been following Kate’s recovery with huge interest,” an insider shared, acknowledging the challenges posed by limited communication channels with the palace and the Waleses.

“They have had enough information to know that people are excited about the idea of a comeback for Kate,” the source disclosed.

“They’re both relieved and happy to hear that she’s on the mend and may soon be well enough to return to her duties.”

Despite their efforts to send well wishes, Harry and Meghan have not received a significant response from Kate.

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“They’re still not really in a place with Kate to warrant much of a response,” the insider revealed. Nevertheless, the Sussexes remain persistent in their attempts to reach out and reconnect.

The source emphasized that Harry and Meghan’s intentions are sincere, underscoring their ongoing efforts to bridge the gap and foster reconciliation within the royal family.

Despite the challenges, their commitment to supporting Kate during her health journey reflects their desire for familial unity and healing.