Meghan Markle Keeps Ignoring Key Advice to Outshine Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle keeps ignoring key advice about her lifestyle brand in an attempt to outshine Kate Middleton, according to a publicist.

The Duchess of Sussex’s timing of announcing her brand, American Riviera Orchard, and some of its products has often coincided with major royal events.

For the unversed, Meghan recently introduced new products from her brand just before the Princess of Wales’ comeback at the Trooping the Colour parade, amid her cancer treatment.

Additionally, Meghan announced her new business venture shortly before Prince William’s speech in honor of his late mother, Princess Diana.

These moves have sparked severe backlash, with Meghan being accused of stealing the spotlight from the cancer-stricken Princess Kate.

Critics argue that these actions appear to overshadow important royal moments, drawing negative attention to Meghan’s initiatives.

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Publicist Sara Fruman has shared that Meghan should employ more creative and authentic strategies to build her brand.

She stated, “There are plenty of strategies she can use to get publicity, and the most impactful would be to get creative and authentic—neither of which Meghan seems to be doing.”

Fruman further added, “It appears that Meghan is either getting poor advice or she’s not listening to the advice she is given.

The latter may be more likely.” The PR expert emphasizes that embracing genuine and innovative approaches could significantly enhance Meghan’s brand without drawing unfavorable comparisons to her royal counterparts.

As Meghan continues to navigate her entrepreneurial journey, the call for more thoughtful and unique promotional strategies remains crucial for her success and reputation.