Meghan Markle’s Alleged Plot to Distance Prince Harry from David Beckham Revealed

In a bombshell revelation, Meghan Markle is said to have instructed Prince Harry to distance himself from David Beckham, straining the relationship between the Duke of Sussex and the football legend, according to a new book by Tom Bower.

The book, The House of Beckham, explores David and Victoria Beckham’s marriage and their ties with the British Royal Family, unveiling previously undisclosed tensions.

Bower’s book delves into the dynamics between the Beckhams and the royals, particularly focusing on the deteriorating bond between Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and the former footballer.

David Beckham, a close friend of both Prince William and Prince Harry, was a guest at both royal weddings.

However, according to Bower, Meghan’s discomfort with Beckham’s close relationship with the princes led to a notable snub.

In the lead-up to Harry and Meghan’s star-studded 2018 wedding, the couple reportedly kept their distance from David and Victoria Beckham.

Bower recounts an incident during the 2018 Invictus Games in Sydney where Beckham experienced a puzzling exclusion orchestrated by Meghan. Despite an arranged meeting with Prince Harry, Beckham found himself kept at bay by officials.

Bower writes, “Arriving on the agreed day to meet Prince Harry, [Beckham] was perplexed why officials were playing a dance to keep him happy, but away from Harry.

‘Where is he?’ Beckham asked the Games’ officials as he waited. ‘When will I meet him?’ he kept asking.” Unbeknownst to Beckham, Prince Harry had ordered that he should not be allowed near him, with photographs of the two together forbidden.

The book suggests that Meghan’s directive was driven by a desire to avoid media competition from Beckham and particularly Victoria. This revelation left Beckham bewildered and hurt by the unexpected snub.

The strain between the Sussexes and the Beckhams didn’t end there. Meghan’s first official tour to Australia was outwardly a success, marked by adoring crowds and the announcement of her pregnancy.

However, behind the scenes, tensions were high. Bower describes Meghan’s frustration with her subordinate position in the royal hierarchy and her subsequent outbursts.

“Outraged that in the royal hierarchy she was subservient to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and the future Queen, Meghan shouted at her staff and allegedly threw a cup of tea into the air,” Bower writes.

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The tension was compounded by Meghan and Harry’s habit of scouring the internet for critical comments about themselves, fueling Meghan’s animosity towards the Beckhams who were receiving favorable media coverage.

Despite the media portraying the Beckhams unfavorably during this period, Beckham himself chose not to pursue further contact with Harry, remarking only that the situation was “A bit strange,” according to Bower. Instead, the Beckhams focused on their marriage, brand, and Victoria’s confidence amid the royal snub.

These claims add another layer to the complex narrative of the Sussexes’ relationships within and outside the Royal Family.

Whether Meghan’s alleged actions were a strategic move to manage media narratives or stemmed from deeper insecurities, they undeniably impacted the personal and professional dynamics between two of the world’s most high-profile couples.